Client Testimonials

"I would like to thank you for the fast service and delivery of a very well written business plan.  We were able to secure funding through an SBA Loan and have opened our first location.  Your advice and documents were valuable beyond words"  T. Hernandez, Owner Fasta Pasta

"A thank you to all the staff who assisted us in the process of securing funding. Your private placement memorandum helped us a great deal, after being turned down by the SBA, we were out of options. We are now in the process of remodeling our 9th property for sale" G. Henry, President G. Henry Realty

"We attempted to write our own business plan, and even purchased a fill in the blank template from the Internet, but we just could not get the financials to meet the requirements of investors and Venture Capital firms we approached.  You got us over the hump, and we received our finished documents in less than a week!Incredible service, and excellent advice.  Thank You!" J. Cameron, Co-Owner, Elite Academy Day Care

"We were turned down over the course of a year by over a hundred different venture capital firms.  Your pricing was so low, we felt we had nothing to lose by giving you a shot.  Your documents blew away the documents we had prepared by another "professional firm", and we re-submitted the document to the same firms.  We received our funding from a firm who had previously turned us down.  Same business idea, different documents.  What a difference!  Two Thumbs Up! You guys are incredible."  J. Sampson, VP Legitimate Money Generators

"I simply needed a $20,000 SBA loan to start my vending business.  I had no idea how to create financials or business plans and was dismayed at the pricing of other sites and local business consultants.  How could I pay 7% of the funding I was looking for just for the correct paperwork?  Your prices are incredible, your turnaround time top notch, and I was able to get the SBA Loan." H. Lopez, Owner Hector's Vending

Work Sample

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Private Placement Memorandum Sample

Bronze Level Business Plan Sample

Silver Level Business Plan Sample

Gold Level Business Plan Sample