What type of funding do I need?

This depends on different criteria. If your credit and collateral are decent, and your funding request is under $100,000 your best bet will be the SBA and local bank business loans.  You may also be able to take advantage of Government and Private Grants.

If you are dealing in an amount over $100,000, you will have to work with Angel Investors, Venture Capital Firms, and possibly have to handle multiple individual investments from accredited investors. 

  Business Plan Private Placement Memorandum
Bank Loan/SBA Loan YES NO
Venture Capital Firms YES (Gold Level Only) YES
Angel Investors YES YES
Govt./Private Grants YES NO
Multiple Individual Investors NO YES

Why Service is best for you?

Funding needs are not all equal, thus the documentation you require will differ based on your specific needs.  Please refer to the chart on the right to determine which service is most suitable for you.  Please refer to our FAQ page or contact us if you need additional assistance in determining documentation most suitable for your business.