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Private Placement Memorandum (Regulation D 504/506 Offering) A PPM is used to raise funds through the direct sales of stock, LLC Memberships, or debt. Many new business owners believe or are led to believe that a Business Plan is all that they require, however savvy owners realize that a PPM will be needed to secure multiple investors. The 504 offering is best for amounts under $1,000,000 and the 506 offering for amounts over $1,000,000. For a detailed description of Private Placement Memorandums, view our FAQ section. All PPM Documentation includes access to our client database of NASD Broker-Dealers along with a full year of free updates and 3 hours of business consulting via our toll-free hotline.

Pricing for our Private Placement Memorandums: $1,000

Our Business Plans come in three levels:

Bronze: Includes 17 pages of financials, graphs, tables, and charts. Includes balance sheet and pro-forma sheets, includes five year projections and industry comparison. The bronze level includes 6 months of free updates.

This level is suitable for clients who are looking to simply show financial projections over the first five years, and use of funds to potential investors who they already know and have spoken with. Most suitable for presentation to friends and family who are interested in investing in your start-up, but require full projections before investing. Bronze Level Price $200-$300 (Please contact us for a personalized quotation)

Silver: Adds upon the Bronze Level by including a minimum of 12 pages of industry analysis, product description, market analysis, and customized research data. The silver level includes 12 months of free updates and 1 hour of business consulting via our toll-free hotline. This level is suitable for SBA and bank loans, as well as angel investors who are interested in your product information and market analysis, this is suitable for venture capital firms only in combination with a private placement memorandum, (doing so otherwise will allow a venture capital firm to set the equity percentage ownership they will secure). Silver Level Price $300-$400 (Please contact us for a personalized quotation) .

Gold: This level is suitable for all angel investors and venture capital firms as information regarding their return on investment, and investor offering is included. The gold level should not be used for bank or SBA loans as it contains investment offering data including Return on Investment, (ROI), and Investor Exit Strategies, and does not contain loan payback schedules. The Gold level also offers free access to our client database of venture capital firms based on industry, country, and stage of development. One year of free updates are included along with 2 hours of business consulting via our toll-free hotline. Gold Level Price $500

For samples of each document, please see below.

How is your pricing so low?

Projects consist of anywhere from two to twelve hours of research by our analysts. This research is then drafted by our writers and your documentation is ready. Total work time will thus vary between 15-40 hours; depending on documentation. With the hours expended in mind, how would we continue to be in business if we charged clients the equivalent of $100 per hour?

The majority of our clients are start-up businesses and their budgets are thus tight prior to funding. They simply need precise and industry standard documentation to secure funding. We do not follow the same price gauging techniques common within our industry.

There simply is no need to approach the $50 or $100 dollar per hour of work pricing that some of our competitors pricing breaks down to. We aim to satisfy 10-12 clients per week, and to do so our prices must be reasonable in order to gain client referrals.