REGULATION D 504/505/506 (Reg D)

Private Placement Offerings (PPM or PPO)

If you are an existing or start-up company, seeking equity capital or private debt financing between $25,000 to $50,000,000 from individual investors, a Regulation D Offering would be the proper choice for documentation. A Regulation D Offering can be utilized to approach both individual investors directly, and broker-dealers who can pitch your offering to their client database.

Regardless of your being a start-up or existing business, your funding requirements, and your industry sector, a Regulation D will allow you to successfully structure your offering to meet all SEC requirements, and reach out to unlimited accredited investors.

We understand that Regulation D can be a complex web of terminology that is often times difficult to comprehend: 504, 505, and 506 offering options; debt or equity options, conflicting information on regulatory issues- these are just a few of the variables we have helped explain to our clients in order to select the best option for their business.

We do not offer "templates" or "fill in the blank" forms for our documentation. Our Regulation D services start with an explanation of Regulation D itself, and branches out to describe the options available. We work on a personalized level with EVERY client, to insure that we select the proper options for their documentation.

Our drafting time on Regulation D documentation averages less than five business days, and a client service representative remains in direct contact with each client during the entire process to cover any questions or concerns made known.

However, our job is not finished once the documentation is completed. Our client service representatives ensure that each client fully understands the Regulation D Offering, and more importantly understands the rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to.

Our final step with each client is to provide them a personalized listing of broker-dealers who they can approach for consideration. This information is available for clients on their personalized home page for a one year period.Each personalized and username/password protected client homepage will also have a copy of their Regulation D Offering available for download.