Advantages of Franchising

For Consumers

Consumers like to purchase products and services from familiar names with reliable standards of service and quality. They like to deal with businesses where the owner is on-premise.
The Franchise Company
Expansion Capitol - Franchisee makes the investment for a new brand, not you. 

Rapid Growth - The franchise buyer provides "dedicated" management freeing up the franchisor's time to open more units. 

Strong On-Site Management - The franchisee has more dedication than a company employee. Customer satisfaction is superior while maintaining quality standards.

You don’t have to deal with Day-to-Day Operations - The franchisee deals with the everyday operations. They take care of employee problems, hiring, firing, etc. 

Less Overhead - Since the franchise owner takes care of the daily operations, the parent company’s structure for franchise units is smaller compared to company-owned units. 

Penetrate the Market at a Faster Pace – The more branches, the quicker your brand reaches the public. 

Larger Sales Numbers- Individual unit sales increase when converted to a franchise system. Since the owner is on site, a typical franchise unit will have higher sales than a company-owned unit. McDonald's® says, "We've discovered that the franchised restaurants do better than the company owned." 

Captive Market - A dedicated captive market to manufacturers.

Makes Some Money! - Cash in on your experience and knowledge by selling it to others. 

Global Account Opportunities - Vendors lend themselves to serving regional or national accounts, whereas a local independent couldn't service a national account.

Is Your Business Ready to Franchise?

Credible: Does your company have experienced management? Does it have a track record over time? Is the business concept proven? Have your achieved good local press or public acclaim?

Unique:  There should be an apparent distinction between your business and your competitors, in terms of products and services, marketing, cost, or target market. Is it
marketable as a business opportunity? Does it have a sustainable competitive advantage?

Streamlined operations: The system and business model should be easy enough to be learned in a short time frame (3 months or less). Are the systems in place? Are operating
procedures documented?

Adaptable and in demand:  The concept should adapt to many locations and there should be a demand for their products/services.

ROI:  A franchised business should have enough profit after paying fees and royalties to earn an adequate return on investment. It’s not just about profitability—if a business can't generate a 15 to 20% return on investment after deducting a royalty (typically 4 - 8%)  it is  going to have difficulty keeping a franchisees happy.

Strong management: The most successful company will fail without a strong management team in place.

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