Our philosophy is simple: You have the business idea, we must consult with you to create documentation that not only properly conveys your company vision and projections, but also immediately garners the interest of Venture Capital firms, investors, loan officers, or the SBA.

We understand that every client has different needs, and must be catered to differently. You may simply need a business plan for your needs, or you may require a Regulation D Offering. We will work with you on a personal basis to ensure that you receive the documents that you truly need.

To this effect, we offer our clients an industry first: Constant access to your document agent. Your agent will provide you with our toll-free client line, as well as their personal email and mobile phone to reach after hours (5pm-9pm CST). You will receive prompt replies to all your inquires.

Our firm prides itself in offering an unparalleled quality of documentation to clients, at a price that is reasonable and fits in the budget of start-up companies. When we start a project we keep clients in the loop through the entire process.

With our business plans, clients receive a draft of their financials within two business days, and once approved a first draft with text is forwarded within the next 3 business days. Clients are entitled to unlimited drafts and revisions of their documentation for a one year period. If you need to adjust your business plan months down the line to reflect new information, we will be there to do this for you.

Clients also have access to a personalized client homepage. Here you will find a listings of thousands of venture capital firms, investment firms, and broker-dealers, specific to your industry. You will have access to their address, phone, fax, and email contacts, and will be able to present your documents for their consideration.

Give us a call today for your free client consultation, and let help your company achieve its funding goals.